Looking4aquicksale division focus on sourcing BMV (Below Market Value) deals by offering various services to motivated sellers such as sell and rent back, foreclosing repossessions, broken chain, etc.
Best Brit Homes focus on new residential developments in UK. It's first project going to be a 4-bed bungalow conversion to 3 terraced houses or 4 flats. Various options are being explored to suit the demands from current market.
LetFast division focus on managing properties owned by Haddon Properties as well as for other Landlords who owns buy-to-let properties in Kingston-upon-Thames, Wimbledon, Merton and surrounding suburbs.


Dubai House prices up 15% in two months and could double

The price of oil spiked to $128 a barrel last week and has been taking Dubai house prices up with it. Even the most cursory survey of price changes...
House prices jump as interest rates fall

But falling interest rates have already put Dubai house prices in an upward spin this spring, with 10%-15% increases in asking prices across the board.
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